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Naturopath Port Macquarie - Synergy Health

Synergy Health has been suppling the Port Macquarie local community of good health since 2006. Using only natural medications, Snergy Health uses a vega testing machine. Using miridians it can pinpoint the exact areas that need medical attention and find the best remedy to help cure them.

Synergy Health has friendly service with staff qualified with a Diploma of Naturopathy, encompassing of; Iridology, Nutrution and Homeopathy.

Synergy Health also has a range of allergy friendly foods for those with a sensitive digestive system. Synergy Health has a wide selection of Baba Lila chocolates including, Organic & Homemade Chocolates.


Synergy Health


 Troy Eggleton


 02 6583 4456


 02 6583 2815

 Synergy Health - Herbal Medicine

Synergy Health - Vega

Information received from VEGA Testing can suggest:
 - The level of stress of each organ or part of the body. 
- Psychological stress
- The presence of environmental irritants
- Viral or bacterial infection
- Food and chemical allergies
- Yeast infestation
- Digestive disturbances
- Heavy metals or chemicals
- Pesticide/insecticide contamination
- Vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
- Dental disturbance fields

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Thursday - Friday   9:00am - 6:00pm

Naturopath Port Macquarie - Synergy Health

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